About Northside Libertarian

Unsurprisingly from his sobriquet, Northside Libertarian was born and bred north of the Liffey and continues to live there. Individualistic spirit and a refusal to bend the knee to the political and cultural norms of Irish and global society have characterised NSL’s life, a trait which his many detractors find intensely frustrating.

A lawyer by trade, NSL was educated in Trinity College, Dublin and has extensive experience in finance, law and public policy which he brings to bear in his analysis of the events of the day. When not under the spotlight, NSL enjoys hiking, running, listening to 1970s and 80s music (nobody’s perfect) and is a brandy and whiskey/whisky enthusiast.

NSL is often joined by his friend and antagonist Southside Social Democrat, to discuss the events of the day. SSD comes from the free-thinking contingent of the Irish left and is as comfortable lacerating Bolshevists  and poseurs on his own side as libs and cons on the right. Like all good leftists, SSD is an expert in fine wines, a knowledge which he is only too happy to share with cyberspace.


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