Welcome to NSL

Welcome to Northside Libertarian, a site dedicated to providing news and views from an Irish and Austro-libertarian perspective and should be of interest to people of a libertarian, classical liberal or classical conservative perspective, as well as those curious about how we libertarians think.

The site is primarily aimed at Irish residents or nationals and this geographical bias will sometimes be reflected in the content. However, those outside Ireland should hopefully find it of some interest.

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  1. Jamal Sharif

    A blog of fresh air.
    It is evident that libertarian doctrine is embedded in a view of the rights of man. No human being should be a Non-Voluntary Morgage on the life of another.
    At the heart of libertarianism is the liberty principle, which states that we all have an equal right to liberty, compatible with liberty for all. That principle, I argue, is best defended on contractarian grounds. But there are also other ways to defend the principle, which all invoke the idea of treating people ‘as equals’. The luck egalitarian claim that morally arbitrary disadvantages require redress, by deploying the idea of treating people ‘as equals’, showing that egalitarians do not live up to their own deal. I defend private property rights as the corollary of the liberty principle’s commitment to non-interference.
    A libertarian society need not contain widespread destitution. That attempted reduction is not a necessary truth. Much of what a society looks like depends not just on the shape of its coercive institutions, but also on the kinds of people who inhabit it. In a large part, of course, the principles governing the coercive institutions influence the behaviour of individuals. If someone wants to live in a society that respects people’s liberty, they probably want this because they care about other people’s liberty, as well their own.

    Splendid job on the blog. Keep it up my boy.

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